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Advantage Vending Solutions is proud to be a family owned and operated enterprise serving business communities of Los Angeles and Orange County since 1977. The company specializes in providing full-line vending services to highly demanding professionals. We are proud to have among our clients such prestigious organizations as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences, The Time Warner Company, Time Inc., Christensen, White, Miller, & Shapiro Law Offices.

We at Advantage Vending Solutions believe:

It is our mission to become the leader and trendsetter in Greater Los Angeles when it comes to quality products and services. Our expertise in vending, office coffee supply, bottled water, and other related services, combined with the sound business practices of efficiency, professional courtesy and attention to detail, has won us the confidence of hundreds of businesses.

We are devoted to applying the time-honored principals of integrity and caring, and seek to staff our organization with knowledgeable, responsive and courteous service professionals.

Following a tradition of quality for over 25 years, we endeavor to provide fresh products in well serviced, reliable, and visually appealing machines at reasonable prices for each customer. Working as a team and being willing to change with the times, we strive to incorporate new advances in vending technology, while remaining sensitive to changes in our market and in our customers' needs.

It is our belief that new business opportunities will result from our firm commitment to this mission. Without question, exceptional customer service is at the very soul of our business success.

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