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Advantage Vending Solutions is a full line vending company serving the Greater Los Angeles area.

Through the years the vending equipment has undergone some dramatic changes, from the National 54-inch pull-knob candy machines, to the current equipment controlled by microprocessors. However, one variable that does remain constant in our business is the need for good service. The biggest difference between the mediocre vending company and the company that seems to always attract new business is SERVICE! When you consider the fact that any company or operator can purchase any given vending machine, the only variable left to compare between the different vending companies is SERVICE. That can't be emphasized enough.
There is a three-step formula that Advantage Vending Solutions abide by:
We are dedicated to furnish our customers with products and service of the highest quality at all times. Our schedules are designed around customer needs and wants. Our service cycles are determined according to the sales of the account. Our route personnel are clean, courteous and uniform. Advantage Vending Solutions guarantees to respond to service calls less than in 3 hours. To learn more about our service directly please do not hesitate to call dozens satisfied customers in your immediate area per our reference list.

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